Items Every New Camper Needs

Camping is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and feel the nature. However, if you are new to camping, the first thing is to be familiar with basic camping gear and camping essentials that you need to have a great experience.

We’ve put together the most important pieces of equipment that every camper should have.

  • Good Quality Tent

You will need something to sleep in, so a tent should be at the top of your list. Tents are available in a variety of sizes and types, so you can buy according to your preference. You also need to ensure that the tent is waterproof because being wet and cramped in a tent is not fun. The tent you are buying should be according to the number of people you want to fit in, where the tent will be used and easy to set up and pack.

  • Sleeping Bags

Similar to tents, sleeping bags come indifferent weights and handle different temperatures, so do some research to find the one best suited to you. If you are summer camping, you won’t need an expensive sleeping bag but if you are camping in winters you would need a heavy sleeping bag to keep yourself warm through the chilly winter night.

  • Lighting

This one is an essential item as it gets quite dark in the wilderness, so you want something to help you see at night. There is a huge range of lighting options such as LED, electric, gas, dual fuel and battery operated to suit every budget. You need to research which type of lighting you will need and then make your choice. Also, include headlamps as they are essential to light up the camping site.

These are few of the camping gears you need, the others include first aid kit, camping cooking supplies and fire crystals.

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